Sunday, September 18, 2011

September's Inspiration Outfit:

I found this on lookbook. (click the picture to go to her page.)
i cannot get enough of this outfit. so much is going on, yet so little is too.

let's start off with her shoes ;; love the mary jane style, simple and sweet.

her jeans ;; they are the levi's curve i.d. demi cut. actually i should order a pair of these because nothing fits me right these days. true life of the oddly proportioned girl.

her shirt ;; such cute summer to fall transition colors. i love how she rolled the sleeves up, i recently purchased a few shirts that remind me of it! (picture haul later?) i also love how she tied the bottom to give her a little more of a shape.

finally to her accessories ;; bracelets.. if you know me at all you know i'm a bracelet junkie. so i'm desperatley in love with all of the pieces she's wearing, especially that cheetah wrist band... and maybe her watch!
and then to her headband, considering ordering one of these. sooo cute. knit headwraps--too cute and very fall.

i was totally inspired to revolve my summer to fall wardrobe around this outfit, what do you think?


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