Sunday, September 25, 2011

Get Organized: Desk Space

This is my desk.  I try to keep it as organized as possible since i do so much with it.
Try not to get too much clutter on your desk. you won't be able to use it or find anything!

I don't know about you but i have soo many pens, pencils and markers. So i bought these little tin buckets at target for $1.00 a piece. I keep all my markers in one and all of my pens and pencils in the other. It's helpful and i don't loose as many pencils now-- they always seem to disappear!

make sure you have things to write on! little sticky notes or note cards. just to jot down quick things, so you don't forget it! 

and finally a desk calendar. a.) it's helpful and cute and b.) it helps protect your desk
i seriously write everything down on this thing. when all my assignments for my classes are do and big events, movie premiers, you know. 

hoped this helps, stay tuned for more helpful hints and tricks on staying organized!



I cannot get myself away from all of these things-

1. Oversized Thick Striped Sweater ;; it's so great because you can dress it up or down. and no matter what it's comfy.

2. Leather Bucket Cross-body Bag ;; this is perfect for not only the fall but for every season. love the shape of the bucket bag. tassels and fringe are really in right now and add a little laid back, country feel to a dressed up look.

3. Energy Aromatherapy Shower Gel ;; everyone needs to wake up.. i don't know about you but in the morning i can't seem to wake up- this tangy body wash will get your nose going crazy. and give you the energy you need for that chilly fall day.

4. Caress Evenly Gorgeous Body Scrub ;; during the fall my skin gets so dry and rough. this body wash evens out my skin tone and makes it feel like a baby's butt! plus the smell is amazing.

5: Cable Knit Hat ;; those trips to the apple orchard get chilly, just wear a cute hat to keep that head of yours warm and cozy. or use it if you are having a bad hair day!

6. Sunglasses ;; it's still sunny out! don't forget it! taking a walk in the park? yeah, i know your gonna wish you had brought them when the sun is shining directly at you. So just keep a pair in your purse! I especially love this style, frames my face well, (i have a really round face...)

7. Orange O.P.I Nail Polish ;; any orange or red (autumn colors) are perfect for this time of year on your nails. so have fun with it!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

First Day of Autumn..

Broke out the combat boots. 
These are my favorite pair of shoes, well besides my sperry's. 

Nina and I decided to put on our fall outfits and take some pictures for lookbook, so here they are:

so yesterday was the first day of fall, of course. i love fall. except for in Indiana, you don't see the sun after labor day. it just disappears. sad. then you get all pale. and gross. and dry skin.
but i love the weather.
and the fact that you can get away with wearing big, comfy sweaters.

hopefully i will take a trip to chicago soon to buy fall and winter clothes. hopefully a haul. i love hauls.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

okay ladies, i know that working out during our busy week is difficult... so look what i found. a cute little doodle of easy tips for beginner;; or if you are lazy (like me!)

i'm going to try to do this every other day, and maybe get more tone, let's see how this goes...

September's Inspiration Outfit:

I found this on lookbook. (click the picture to go to her page.)
i cannot get enough of this outfit. so much is going on, yet so little is too.

let's start off with her shoes ;; love the mary jane style, simple and sweet.

her jeans ;; they are the levi's curve i.d. demi cut. actually i should order a pair of these because nothing fits me right these days. true life of the oddly proportioned girl.

her shirt ;; such cute summer to fall transition colors. i love how she rolled the sleeves up, i recently purchased a few shirts that remind me of it! (picture haul later?) i also love how she tied the bottom to give her a little more of a shape.

finally to her accessories ;; bracelets.. if you know me at all you know i'm a bracelet junkie. so i'm desperatley in love with all of the pieces she's wearing, especially that cheetah wrist band... and maybe her watch!
and then to her headband, considering ordering one of these. sooo cute. knit headwraps--too cute and very fall.

i was totally inspired to revolve my summer to fall wardrobe around this outfit, what do you think?


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hope this makes it easier on you like it did for me!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


you can find me on lookbook,

i loved my dress for the homecoming dance. it wasn't slutty or too short. it was perfect, it was me.
do you like it? 
you know what, i don't care what you think. i've just stopped caring. 
really getting into fashion and makeup more, not like drag queen. but just simple.
i wish i could wear this out and no one would give me crazy looks as to why i am wearing such a beautiful dress for no reason. 

too bad,